Welcome to bandura.i2p

YaCy: yacy.bandura.i2p [Addresshelper] [b32] [Tor]

I2P YaCy: i2pyacy.bandura.i2p [Addresshelper] [b32]

I2P Seed: i2pseed.bandura.i2p [Addresshelper] [b32] [Tor]

I2P Mirror: i2p-mirror.bandura.i2p [Addresshelper] [b32]

mk16.de: mk16de.bandura.i2p [Addresshelper] [b32]

test.mk16.de: testmk16de.bandura.i2p [Addresshelper] [b32]

freifunk.mobi: freifunkmobi.bandura.i2p [Addresshelper] [b32]

www.hundert-prozent.net (hp-net): hp-net.bandura.i2p [Addresshelper] [b32]

i2pwiki.mk16.de (Copy of i2pwiki): i2pwiki.bandura.i2p [Addresshelper] [b32]

Tor outproxy: outproxy.bandura.i2p [Addresshelper] [b32]
This is a privately operated outproxy that forwards the requests to the Tor network. I ask, if possible, to use a different outproxy.

Mumble Server: mumble.bandura.i2p [Addresshelper] [b32] [mumble-i2pd-config.txt]

Documents about I2P and other technical aspects: bandura.i2p/documents/ [Addresshelper] [b32] [Tor]

Speedtest, which uses JavaScript and XMLHttpRequest technology: bandura.i2p/speedtest/ [Addresshelper] [b32] [Tor]

I can find out about you: bandura.i2p/about_you.html [Addresshelper] [b32] [Tor]

Mirror of e8.i2p: bandura.i2p/documents/e8.i2p/ [Addresshelper] [b32] [Tor]

i2prm: bandura.i2p/i2prm.htm [Addresshelper] [b32]

i2prm source code: bandura.i2p/documents/i2prm/ [Addresshelper] [b32]

If there are problems with any of our I2P services (including security leaks), I would be grateful if you let me know. (See email address)

E-Mail(I2P): mark22k@mail.i2p
E-Mail(Clearnet): mark22k@i2pmail.org
E-Mail(Clearnet): m.k@mk16.de

GPG key
GPG key id: 699108C7
GPG fingerprint: 9AA2 8159 FCEB 3CD8 3BC2 1201 7E86 9146 6991 08C7